Welcome to Stokesay Primary School

Welcome to Year 4/5!

In our classroom you will find the team of Mr Richards, with Mrs Price and Mrs Upton supporting who will guide the children through an exciting academic journey this year at Stokesay Primary School. In this class, we're not just students and teachers; we're a team of learners, explorers, and dreamers.

We kick the year off with an engaging exploration of the Roman Empire followed by World Food where we will embark on a global culinary adventure as we explore the delicious diversity of food cultures from around the world.

Later in the year we will also be covering the topics of Settlements and how human communities have evolved over time, Rainforests, where we will journey deep into the heart of Earth's most diverse ecosystems, Crime and Punishment, so we can uncover the mysteries of law and order through history and finally Greeks where we will end the year with an exploration of the fascinating world of ancient Greece, from gods and mythology to democracy and philosophy.

Get ready for a year full of exciting learning opportunities, hands-on activities, and enriching experiences.