When your child starts school you will be asked to complete a form outlining any medical history that we should be aware of.  It is important that this record is kept up to date.

Illness during the school day

Please do not send your child to school if he/she seems unwell. 

In the event of illness at school we shall contact you immediately.  We will do all we can to comfort your child but we do not have the staffing or facilities to care for children who are unwell.

Injuries at school

If your child sustains a minor injury whilst at school we will administer first aid.  If your child has a head injury we will always provide you with a letter, however should we have any concerns we will contact you immediately.  All injuries are recorded.


If your child needs medicine during the school day we require you to complete a form at the school office.  We only ever administer medicines that are prescribed by your doctor.


If your child suffers from allergies please let us know.

It is essential for this reason that we have up to date contact telephone numbers.

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