Welcome to Stokesay Primary School

School Closure Procedure

We will always aim for school to be open as usual, however, it is unsafe or impossible for school to be open, we will give you as much notice as possible.  If school has to be closed for any reason (snow, no water, electricity etc), then we will let you know directly using the following means:


-  School will text all parents (please keep your number up to date) using 'Teachers2Parents'

-  School will publish any closures on the School Website

 - School will publish any closures on the Tapestry page. 

 - In the event of closure due to snow, please also listen out on local radio as we will let them know too.


In general, unless you are told otherwise by one (or more) of these official school means of communication, school will be open as usual.  Please try not to ring us to ask, as if everyone does this, we will be unable to handle all of the calls and organise procedures for the staff at the same time.