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Statutory Information and Policies

Key Policies and Statutory information (please click on the name of the policy/information you require):


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Filename Size Date
Gifts and Hospitality Policy Jan 2021.pdf 169.5KB 08/02/2021
Policy for bikes and scooters.pdf 206.5KB 11/11/2020
Supporting-pupils-with-medical-conditions-policy.pdf 233.1KB 15/03/2021
Primary Relationships and Sex Education Policy at Stokesa... 538.2KB 14/06/2021
Charging and Remissions Policy TrustEd 2021-2023.pdf 141.8KB 18/10/2021
Shared Parental Leave Scheme.pdf 304.3KB 21/11/2022
Parental Leave Scheme.pdf 137.5KB 21/11/2022
Maternity Scheme for Teachers.pdf 457.4KB 21/11/2022
Maternity Scheme for Support Staff.pdf 401.2KB 21/11/2022
Harassment and Bullying Policy.pdf 182.5KB 21/11/2022
Flexible Working Policy - Autumn 2022.pdf 338.7KB 21/11/2022
Equality Policy .pdf 184.4KB 21/11/2022
Domestic Abuse Policy .pdf 265.5KB 21/11/2022
Adoption Surrogacy Scheme Policy .pdf 261.0KB 21/11/2022
Evidencing-the-Impact-of-the-Primary-PE-and-Sport-Premium... 651.1KB 02/02/2023
PPG and RP stokesay 2223.pdf 224.7KB 02/02/2023
behaviour_policy stokesay Oct22 .pdf 302.6KB 02/02/2023
Stokesay Admissions 2024-25.pdf 330.0KB 05/05/2023
Health and Safety Policy May 2023 802.1KB 25/05/2023
Anti Fraud Policy March 2023 148.6KB 25/05/2023
Complaints Procedure May 2023 243.2KB 25/05/2023
Conflict of Interest - May 23 151.7KB 25/05/2023
Investment Policy - March 2023 109.0KB 25/05/2023
GDPR Policy updated May 2023 11.7MB 25/05/2023
Local Government Pension Scheme Discretionary Policy 2023 297.9KB 25/05/2023
Reserves Policy financial - Summer Term 2023 101.5KB 25/05/2023
Risk Management Policy March 2023 111.2KB 25/05/2023
SEN Information Report Oct 2023.pdf 270.0KB 06/10/2023
SEN Policy 2023.pdf 173.5KB 06/10/2023
PPG and RP stokesay 2324 v2.pdf 222.8KB 04/12/2023
health and safety policy part 3 2023.pdf 986.5KB 22/01/2024
health and safety policy part 3 2023.pdf (1) 986.5KB 22/01/2024
Whistleblowing Policy KCSiE Academy Feb 2024.pdf 286.7KB 19/03/2024
Stokesay safeguarding-and-child-protection-policy-2023.pd... 704.8KB 22/04/2024
Admissions Policy 2022-2023.pdf 198.4KB 14/05/2024
Admissions Policy 2023-2024.pdf 198.4KB 14/05/2024
Admissions Policy and Arrangements 25-26 - Stokesay prima... 335.0KB 14/05/2024
Accessibility Plan 24-25.pdf 227.8KB 21/05/2024
STOKESAY Attendance Policy 2023.pdf 243.6KB 10/06/2024