Welcome to Stokesay Primary School

Visit from Andrew Warren

Stokesay Primary School had an important visitor today. Andrew Warren came to meet with Mr O’Malley, Mrs Godden (our CEO) and Mr Anderson (one of our Trustees), and to have a tour of the school.

“I was so proud to show Mr Warren around Stokesay School today.  He has an important job looking after academies right across the whole of the West Midlands,” said Mrs Gooden.  “I thought he would be impressed by the school, and he was.  Well done to everyone and thankyou for making us so welcome.”

Mr O’Malley led the tour of the school, visiting every class.  Mr Warren and Mrs Godden talked to many of the pupils.  Here is Mr O’Malley and Mr Warren in our reception class, where Isabella, Thia, Frankie and Bellatrix were playing with spaghetti!