• Please see our letter from Ofsted, following their positive visit to Stokesay Primary in December 2020
  • Should you need to report a positive case out of school hours, including during the weekend or school holidays, please contact covid.support@stokesayprimary.co.uk. We will ensure a response at the earliest opportunity.
  • Please wear a face covering when dropping off or collecting your child from school. This is in addition to the social distancing of 2m between people from different households that is already in place. Thank you!

Key Information and Policies

Key Policies and Statutory information (please click on the name of the policy/information you require):


If you wish to have a paper copy of any of the information on this website, please contact the school using the details at the bottom of this page and we will be happy to organise this for you at no cost.


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Filename Size Date
Trusted-and-Stokesay-health-safety-policy-feb-2020.pdf 729.9KB 15/03/2021
pupil-premium-strategy-statement 2021.pdf 165.9KB 15/03/2021
2021 Sports Stokesay.pdf 201.8KB 15/03/2021
Gifts and Hospitality Policy Jan 2021.pdf 169.5KB 15/03/2021
Policy for bikes and scooters.pdf 206.5KB 15/03/2021
GDPR policy Autumn 2020 stokesay.pdf 12.6MB 15/03/2021
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy Sept 2020 stokes... 704.8KB 15/03/2021
kcsie-e-safety-policy-whole-school-feb-2020.pdf 587.2KB 15/03/2021
       School-Model-Policy- LAC.pdf 469.3KB 15/03/2021
       Guidance-on-payment-and-use-of-LAC-PP-2015-16-w-contact-d... 252.0KB 15/03/2021
       Shropshire-Virtual-School-Self-Assessment-Framework-for-S... 798.9KB 15/03/2021
       Equality Policy November 2020.pdf 265.1KB 15/03/2021
intimatecarepolicy-feb20.pdf 214.7KB 15/03/2021
Admissions Policy Stokesay Primary 2022 to 2023.pdf 179.2KB 15/03/2021
Admissions Policy Stokesay Primary 2021 to 2022.pdf 179.2KB 15/03/2021
Admissions Policy Stokesay Primary 2020 to 2021.pdf 1.1MB 15/03/2021
Supporting-pupils-with-medical-conditions-policy.pdf 233.1KB 15/03/2021
Accessibility-policy-Jan-2019-stokesay.pdf 166.8KB 15/03/2021
SEND Report October 2020 - STOKESAY - Copy.pdf 292.1KB 15/03/2021
Charging and Remissions Policy September 2019.pdf 85.1KB 15/03/2021
Equality Policy November 2020.pdf 265.1KB 15/03/2021
Catchup Stokesay.pdf 261.1KB 15/03/2021
Behaviour Policy Stokesay March21.pdf 177.1KB 15/03/2021
Complaints Procedure May 2021.pdf 275.3KB 13/05/2021
Draft Primary Relationships and Sex Education Policy Stok... 580.1KB 14/06/2021