Mental Health and Wellbeing

Mental Health and Wellbeing during the pandemic


Research suggesting that there are a number of things that might lead to a deterioration of mental well being among children.  Consequently, just being aware of them could help.  This list has been compiled by mental health professionals in reference to the Corona virus pandemic.

  • Worrying about family members becoming sick or being sick (any sickness someone in the family has could be related back to what children have seen in the news about Corona virus).
  • Children often lack a sense of stability and safety if any adult in the family has problems (mental or physical)
  • If a child is in or about to be in a transition (changing year group / class / school) stage they worry more.
  • The stigma or perceived stigma of returning to school if they have been self-isolating.

This list is a short summary and there are many other reasons that could be mentioned here.

The link below takes you to a very good NHS site that gives you a lot of information about the signs of poor mental health.  Please follow the links to find it.  It is very informative.

One of the links takes you to this pdf file that is excellent for listing signs to watch for in primary education and older children.


What can we do?

Children should be encouraged to share their feelings and experiences.  It is important to note that if someone feels a certain way, they just do, they are not wrong for feeling a certain way. So, we should be careful not to deny how they are feeling.  Another important role we have is to give them reliable information to ease the child’s anxiety.  This is important as news or information can be misunderstood by a child when they hear it at home or in talking to other children.

Another useful website I found was written for parents of deaf children, but I thought it was relevant for all children.  So, here is the link.



This is a useful video link, which explains to parents some simple things that you can do to help your child in lockdown



There is a lot of information for adults about taking care of our mental health, especially at this time.

Here are a few links to helpful and trustworthy websites.


I hope this is all helpful and useful.