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Anyone for a blood smoothie?

What a busy first week we have been having. Here are some of the highlights:

For Science on Friday as part of our animals including humans topic we made 'blood smoothies' which the children enjoyed drinking. Red blood cells were strawberries, we used pineapple juice for the plasma, marshmallows for the white blood cells and sprinkles for the platelets.
On Monday we were learning about the heart and the children made their own model of a heart using play-dough (with varying levels of success)

We've kicked off our WW1 topic with the children taking part in a drama activity. We turned from 'civilian' to soldier in 8 steps. This involved queuing at the registry office (the hall) then doing medical and fitness tests. Then we journeyed to out training camps (outside) and did some target practice and some of us were even promoted and had to teach the others!