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Norton Class

I am Mr. Ansell but most children call me Mr. A.  I have been teaching at Stokesay since 2000.  You can work out how many years that is!  I have a real passion for teaching but I might be best known for my enthusiasm for helping children to enjoy and not be scared of maths.  It is a subject that often scares people and really shouldn't.  I also love teaching English.  Sadly I have often heard it said in class , “I have no imagination.” It’s not true, you just need a spark to get things going, which I will always endeavour to do.  I’m also passionate about children learning about the world through science, geography, history, IT and computing, PE, PSHE and Religious Education.  In fact, I just love teaching no matter what the subject.

Norton class has a mixture of year 4 and year 5 children this year.  

We have a Class Charter which states what responsibilities we have to ensure that there is a positive learning environment. The key points are as follows:

Respect - smile be polite and look after each other.

Fun - tell jokes and help when people aren't happy.

Safe - always be kind.

Friendly - smile and be positive to each other.

Tidy - after finishing something we all tidy together.

Fair - take it in turns and share.

Quiet - work quietly so people can concentrate.

 Well behaved - stick to the class and school rules.


I am very pleased to be teaching your child or the child in your care. Rest assured that all the grown-ups in Norton will be dedicated to the education, care and well being of all of the class members.